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Home Pharmacy Manager
Information about App

Pillsnea application designed for those who want a quick and efficient way to manage their own "home pharmacy". By using the application, you can easily control the own collection of medications. By using reports, you can control the expiration time of medications. The application allows for easy creation of reminders about the expiry date in iCal. With the feature to create a list of drugs, you can determine which drugs should be supplemented. With the Pillsnea application you can create schedules of taking medication during treatment.

Keep in mind that the quality of the data depends on the thoroughness of their entering and update! It is also important periodically - depending on individual needs - to verify information with reality.

What's new in version 1.1?

Changes in version 1.1
- Using Core Data as the database engine.
- Increased compatibility with computers with Retina display.
- Improved stability and performance of the application.
- Increasing the usability by adding new features.

App 1.1 Version Features
The main window of App contains a view of the filters through which drugs can be selected by their characteristics. It also has a main table that contains basic information about medications and toolbar also.

Management of the filters
Filters can help you find drugs in a specific group. Drugs are grouped in terms of the form in which they appear, and the category to which they belong. This makes it easy to determine which drugs in the group and we need quick access to information about it. Filters are defined before the information about the medicines.

Categories and forms you can always add and delete, but used categories and forms still exist in data of medications.

Addition of drugs to the database
When you are adding information about medication to the database, you should enter complete basic informations. Be sure to complete all information reliable.

After entering information at the proper window press OK button. The data will be entered to the database. Entered information can be removed or changed at any time.

Quantity control
The most important element for control of the quantity is updating information about using the medications.

When you want to take the dose of medication,  you can use a typical amount attributed to that drug. Then you only need to accept that.  If you want to take a unusual dose, select the checkbox You Own Dose and enter the own quantity.

The program provides functionality of creating the daily scheduler of treatment. The user enters the required information can then print the finished document.

After the data is completed, click Print or Save as PDF to create a medication schedule.

The reports allow quick easy and efficient to analyze the database for information.

Reports can be generated for all or some of the issues.


Using an Pillsnea application you can easily create reminders about expiration date of drugs that can be sent to the iCal.

After adding or modifying parameters, accepting adds reminders to iCal.

Search medicines
You can quickly find the drug in the database by typing its name in the search field.

The parameters of the application as well as some aspects of its appearance can be modified using the Preferences panel.

Some parameters require a restart so that they can be used. This parameter is described in a note. Most of the parameters has been operating since they modify.

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