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Proportional Scale Calculator 
App Info

Viewgrader is Also Available For Mac OS!

Application description

Viewgrader is a simple tool for the calculation of the edges of the movie frame for proportional scaling. In the case of proportional resizing video frame to scaling width, height must be scaled by the same aspect ratio. Conversely, scaling the height, width must be scaled by the same scale factor. The program calculates the aspect ratio after scaling one edge, for scaling another frame edge.

Example of use
In a situation where we are scaling the video frame size of 320 x 220 pixels to the size of 280 pixels in width, it is necessary to reduce the height to proportional size. 

Using the program:
After the change size of the current width, the program will calculate the value for the new height. In this example, the scaled height should reach 192.5 pixel, after rounded - 192 pixels.

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