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Graphic Calculator useful for more than one purpose
App Info

Application description

Viewgrader is a tool for the calculation of the edges of the movie frame for proportional scaling and many more purposes. In the case of proportional resizing video frame to scaling width, height must be scaled by the same aspect ratio. Conversely, scaling the height, width must be scaled by the same scale factor. The program calculates the aspect ratio after scaling one edge and other different graphics calculations.

Frame Scale

"Frame Scale" is designed for calculating one of the sides of the frame of movie or picture for proportional scaling. To get the answer, enter the values ​​for the fields.

DPI Calc

DPI Calc returns the image size and the length of the diagonal (in centimeters or inches) which is obtainable from the size expressed in pixels for the specified resolution. Useful when preparing materials for printing.

Pixels Calc

Allows the calculation of the size of the image in pixels which will have the image, the size is expressed in centimeters or inches, and resolution. An example of using application is the calculation of the size of the image in pixels after scanning with the selected resolution.

Megapixel Calc
Allows conversion of the image size specified in pixels for the size in megapixels.

Colors Calc

It is a tool for checking the color in different ways of presentation. With the ability to sample from anywhere on the screen, you can get the color value from any point on the screen. After entering values ​​into component fields are obtained color that is the result of the entered values​​.

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